Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learn to Repeat Your Putting Stroke

Golf Digest / August 2011 / p. 26

In this article the golfer is told to focus their attention on the triangle formed by the arms and shoulders.  In the article’s photos, this triangle can be seen as a yellow overlay.  The article reads, “Ideally, you want your hands and arms working in unison with your chest and shoulders to control the putter’s motion.”

When the player sets up for a putt, a setup that is most widely used among all tour players is for the putter to be centered in the stance.  When it is, a “Y” is formed.  Turn your attention not to the triangle formed by the shoulder line and arms but instead to the “Y” formed by the arms and the club.  When this “Y” is maintained on the backswing and the forward swing, the putter will contact the ball in the precise position which you created at setup.  It is the “Y” that will produce the repeating putting stroke.

Interestingly, if you look at the photo you will see the weakness in the instruction as written in the article.  Notice the “Y” in the center and right photo.  Now notice that the “Y” (upper case), has changed to a “y” (lower case) because the club has changed its position.  The arms and shoulders still have the triangle, but the ball will be sent offline to the right because of the change in the club.
Bottom Line:  Regarding this article, disregard the triangle and pay attention to the “Y”.  Its all about the club.  Make the club swing correctly and disregard the body.

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