Thursday, February 9, 2012

5-minute Slice Fix

Golf Digest February 2012


First, lets look at the title of the article, "This is why you slice. Give me five minutes and I'll fix it." Now read the testimonials. He did not fix the slice (ball flight curves right) he just replaced it with a draw (ball flight curves left). In Hank's own words "every good player in the history of the game has fought a hook. So the answer to the slice is to introduce the player to hooking? That's like saying topping the ball is the answer to fat shots. The only left curving ball flight that is desirable is one that is consistent. Learning the precision to swing the club to produce a consistent 5-10 yard draw is no less challenging than learning to produce a straight shot that varies from the centerline of the fairway by 5-10 yards.

Listen to Hank's opening remarks.  He says I can teach you to hook a ball in 5-minutes.  Hooking the ball is not a fix for the slice.  Not one of the players' testimonials said that their slice was fixed. They did say that they changed to curving the ball left. Welcome to the beginning of fighting a hook--a lower trajectory that runs toward the left rough.

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